Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris is an Australian born, Swedish based curator and artist. Research interests are focused upon processes of ecology in contemporary art, water as social metaphor and feminist methodologies. Working with practical learning platforms, artistic research, publications and exhibitions, she works internationally as a curator and lecturer. Currently, she works in Stockholm as Curator of Learning at Index – The Swedish Contemporary Arts Foundation, a part-time lecturer with Stockholm University of Arts, and Curator, Education at arts organisation Film i Samtidskonsten. She is also on the Editorial Board for international arts journal, Oberon. Her current curatorial focus is the exhibition and public program And Tomorrow And at Index, Stockholm (2018) featuring works by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, The Otolith Group and Fabrizio Terranova’s documentary Donna Haraway: Stories for Earthly Survival. In November 2018 the seminar she initiated and organised on learning practices in contemporary art, called The Urge, The Echo: Reverberations of Learning Practices, will be held in Stockholm featuring the works and voices of artists Ursula Biemann, Katja Aglert, Aurélien Froment and Olivia Plender.

Bronwyn achieved a Masters and Bachelor degree in Fine Arts and curatorial studies from the University of New South Wales (2003-2010), and has undertaken artistic research placements (CuratorLab 2013/14 and Mejan Resident 2014/16) at both major art schools in Stockholm – Royal Institute of Art and Konstfack University of Art and Design.



2019 – Roxy Farhat, solo exhibition, Index, Stockholm

2018 – Seminar, The Urge, The Echo: Reverberations of Learning Practices, Stockholm

2018 – Group Exhibition, And Tomorrow And, Index, Stockholm artists include The Otolith Group, Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens

, Ursula Biemann, Jess Johnson and Simon Ward, Kati Roover, Sonia Leber and David Chesworth, Soda_Jerk and Laura Gustafsson and Terike Haapoja

2018 – Exhibition, Artificial Iris with artists Emmeli Person and Emelie Carlen, Peryton, Copenhagen

2018 – Screening and talk, Liz Rosenfeld, Fuck Tree, Film i Samtidskonsten, Stockholm

2018 – Screening and talk, Janine Randerson, Waiho, Retreat, Bolin Centre for Climate Research, Stockholm

2016 – Penelope and Lucinda with Iris Smeds and Anna Kinbom, Galleri Mejan, Stockholm

2015 – Chantel Ackerman, Film I Samtidskonsten, Gerlesbergskolan, Bohuslan, Sweden

2014 – Prufrock (in three acts) with The Centre for Inefficiency (Storkyrkabadet, Index and Gallery Konstfack) Stockholm

2012 – The Specialists, with TLR Collective, Blindside, Melbourne

2012 – Bellowing Echoes, Gertrude Contemporary with Jess Johnson, The Slow Art Collective and Marcin Wojak. Co-curator with Marcel Cooper Next Wave Festival, Melbourne

2011 – Panoramarama, with TLR Collective, Somewhere Gallery, Melbourne

2010 – Assistant Curator Continuum Traditional Practice in Contemporary Art, The Paper Mill, Sydney artists include Bindi

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